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Spectrum of UN Career
  • Engineers from most disciplines.
  • Doctors and Paramedics
  • Accountants, Auditors and financial experts
  • IT professionals
  • Lawyers with various specializations
  • Police officers and criminology experts
  • Administrators
  • Environmental experts
  • Developmental experts
  • Conference/ event management professional
  • Safety and security experts and professional
  • Aviation experts
  • Logistics and supply chain managers
  • Peace keeping and Peace building experts
  • Personal Secretaries and PAs
  • Human Rights professionals
  • Disaster management experts
  • Language experts
  • All types of lower level professionals and tradesmen
The UN Studies Centre India is dedicated to providing globally accessible and affordable distance-learning courses on United Nations and UN as a career, to those men and women aiming to work in UN system. Students have been taking distance-learning courses on UN for long time. We have the expertise and experience to provide distance training on UN and UN careers. Our alumni will serve the noble causes of UN all over the world. They can be experts in any field. Thousands of people from over 190 nations have expanded their knowledge and joined UN.
about unsc India
Our Vision
To be a world renowned Institution of Excellence in the field of United Nations related studies and to contribute a large pool of competent, ideal and expert Human Resources talent pool to achieve the objectives of the United Nations.

Our Mission
To increase the awareness about United Nations, its functioning and career opportunities with the aim to guide those interested to serve the noble causes of humanity through a UN career.
Our Message
Have a goal. Unless you try, nothing can be achieved. This is your opportunity to try and be part of the excellent UN system. Try for the dream career. Millions have done it. You too can.
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