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  1. Military Observer and National Senior, Iraq – Kuwait Observer Mission (UNIKOM)- 1998-1999.
  2. Mission Welfare Officer and Editor, UNIKOM UN Magazine.
  3. Attended the prestigious UN Senior Mission Leaders Course in 2008.
  4. Wrote the Exercise and Conducted Ex AMAN SENA (Establishment of a UN Mission in a strife torn country) in College of Defence Management, Secunderabad, India. In this week long successful Exercise, 75 participants of the rank of Colonels and equivalent from other services of 19 countries participated.
  5. Represented India and attended United Nations Exercise SHANTIDOOT in Bangladesh – Dhaka (BIPSOT) in 2008.
  6. Dissertation subject in Post graduation, leading to Masters in Management Studies was “Training for UN Missions”.
  7. Specially selected and appointed as the Deputy Director General at the Army Headquarters, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi, in May 2010 (Till July 2012). Job profile included policy formulation and overseeing implementation of the following Peace keeping matters :-
    • Brigadier - in-charge for all aspects related to Indian Army’s contribution to UN Peacekeeping (India contributes Approximately 14500 troops and 550 officers including MILOBS, SOs, contingent officers and Seconded vacancies for UN Missions every year). India is the third largest contributor of personnel to UN.
    • Brigadier- in - Charge of the training of all personnel from Army proceeding on UN assignments. Approximately 7000 troops and 300 officers are getting trained at any time in Delhi. Trained approximately 30000 troops and 1200 officers for UN missions. Has reviewed and revised the entire training syllabus for Contingents and individual officers (MILOBs, SOs), made it practically relevant and contemporary. Authored a Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for training, in 2010 and further revised in 2011 and 2012.
    • Brigadier In-charge of the Centre for UN Peace Keeping (CUNPK). This is the nodal Institution in India, which trains Army, Air Force, Navy, some Para Military Forces and foreign officers on UN Peace Keeping operations. Presently CUNPK is the Secretariat for International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) till 2016. Conducted 6 international courses and trained 108 foreign officers in the last two years. Conducted 16 national courses for 800 officers. The Brigadier General is IAPTC Secretariat Member. Interacted with a large number of International delegations, within and outside the country, on UN Peacekeeping matters.
    • Coordinated bilateral and multilateral initiatives / cooperation activities of other countries with Indian Army to include training exercises on the subject of UN Peace Keeping. (For example, Yearly Ex KHANQUEST).
    • Responsible for overall resource management pertaining to Contingent Owned Equipment for UN Missions including induction, serviceability and de-induction.
    • Supervised the logistic support systems including kitting of the Indian Army troops in UN Missions.
    • Responsible for performance appraisal of all Indian Army personnel up to the rank of Colonel, to be deployed in UN Missions.
  8. A key Member from India, in the US- India Joint Working Group Meeting on Peace Keeping, in Mar 2011, in New Delhi. Later, authored a paper for the MoD, on the possibilities of US- India cooperation in Peace Support operations including training.
  9. Executive Committee Member from India, in International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC) Meeting, Carlyle, USA, Mar 2011.
  10. Prepared and presented a concept paper, in the DPKO sponsored seminar attended by 200 delegates from all over the world, on “Peace , vision 2015” held from 06 to 08 April 2011 in New Delhi. The paper was on “Standardised Generic Infantry Battalion for UN Peacekeeping”.
  11. Nominated by Indian Army and the Government of India to attend the prestigious UN Senior Mission Leader (SML) Course in Pretoria, South Africa. Officer was selected by the UN, New York, from large number of international applicants. Attended the SML Course from 23 May 2011 to 03 Jun 2011 in Pretoria, South Africa.
  12. Member of the Senior Level Delegation from India for Strategic Dialogue with UN Senior Officials on UN Peacekeeping, held in New York, from 24 to 28 July 2011.
  13. Worked on and guided the Indian Team on a global study of UN, on “Troop Cost Survey” which will affect all the 115 Troop Contributing Countries. The lead member from India to coordinate the study on “Troop Cost Survey” organised by Department of Field support in 2011.
  14. Part of the High Level Inter Ministerial Group to study India – USA Joint Working Group Meeting on UN Peacekeeping.
  15. Participated in the UN workshop in Vienna, Austria, on “Training for UN Infantry Battalions” from 26 Feb to 02 Mar 2012.
  16. Represented India on numerous occasions to discuss cooperation in UN Peacekeeping with a large number of delegations from many countries.
  17. On the subject of India and UN Peacekeeping, briefed many international leaders of many countries, like the Chiefs of Army staff of other Armies, who visit India.
  18. Nominated by UNITAR (United Nations Institute of Training and Research), as an Instructor to conduct two courses for International participants in June 2012.
  19. Selected by the DPKO as a Consultant to work on a project- “UN CIMIC”. Worked in New York with ITS/DPKO, New York. Basic task was to write a book and validate it with member states.
  20. Was a mentor in Exercise AMANSENA, a UN Peacekeeping Exercise for Senior Officers of Indian Armed Forces, in College of Defence management on 07 and 08 January 2013.
  21. Represented India in a UN Peace Support Operations Workshop in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, from 28 January to 02 February 2013. A strategic level assignment, to sensitize the senior leadership of the country.
  22. Attended an International Seminar in New Delhi, from 06 to 07 February 2013, organised by UN Women and CUNPK, on the Role of Women in Peace Building.
  23. Nominated by UN HQ as the Mentor and conducted an international course on UN-CIMIC in Entebbe, Uganda, from 01 to 08 June 2013.
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