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In a systematic manner we can together approach the endeavor. UNSC India can do the following:-
  1. Three broad stages of selection by UN are, the screening of application, written test and an interview.
  2. The first and foremost is to acquire relevant knowledge about UN, expected of each candidate. It is very essential to know the basics. This will be required to appear in the written test and the subsequent interview. We can send you the required material, which is well researched and compiled. This will be the best possible material you can get, to achieve the objective with minimum effort. UN related study material will be in two categories. The basic course material and Advanced Course Material. This will be sent in a series of lessons. All queries/ doubts will be clarified. Towards the end of each course there will be a test to assess assimilation.
  3. In case you wish, we will identify possible positions from numerous announced vacancies of many UN Departments matching your educational qualifications/experience and alert you by multiple methods.
    Application rejection rate is very high in UN because applications do not meet the UN criteria and requirements.
  4. Once agreed, we can make a PHP ( a 11 page formatted requirement of UN) for you; a CV, the way UN officials expect.
  5. We will fill application for you professionally and appropriately, so that it does not get rejected.
  6. We can simultaneously coach you to develop the competencies and skills UN expects in its employees. This will be needed for the written test and the interview.
Once you enroll in the chosen programs of UNSC India, you can study about United Nations peace support, humanitarian relief, security operations etc and prepare for a UN career through our self-paced courses. UNSC India will guide and assist you in your fine endeavor. The United Nations Secretariat is transitioning to a new online recruitment system. During this transition period, both the previous recruitment procedures by the UN and the new system will run in parallel. A specific system is used for job openings in Field Missions (peacekeeping and special political missions) as well as job openings in the rest of the UN Secretariat, New York, that were posted prior to 22 April 2010.With large number of aspirants, mostly ill prepared, you can be confident that the UNSC India is well positioned with experts and research team to guide you efficiently.

Application rejection rate is very high in UN because applications do not meet the UN criteria and requirements

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